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by Karina Noel

American singer-songwriter Karina Noel realized early in her young 21 year old life that she had been composing music to channel her thoughts on love, loss, and life’s uncertain journey.  Prodigious in songwriting since her early teens, the pianist penned nearly 100 songs and released several professional singles before she learned to drive. 
With the release of her debut EP “Blue Collar Love”, Karina shows a natural ability to write tasteful hooks with touches of indie pop. The EP is infused with soulful melodies and penetrating lyrics that outpace Karina’s tender age. The title track, "Blue Collar Love", is a radio ready pop song and a whimsically melodic expression of the way love breaks unrealistic expectations. Karina explains, "Things that you love can be torturous. But it’s torture you're ok with dealing with. Even with its simplicity, ‘blue collar love’ is not a phrase you hear everyday. It’s not fooling you or sugarcoating love. A lot of songs talk about either falling in love or falling out of love. This song embraces both. That doesn’t happen often.” 

Other bold songs on the EP, such as "Fantasy”, present haunting piano progressions, strong builds, and Karina’s dynamic vocal range. Her sound combines alternative, soul, and pop qualities with a fresh and raw honesty. So strongly a chord did her EP strike with listeners, one song, “By Her Side”, was chosen as the theme song to a show and won Audio Verse Award’s “Best Composition In A Production” award within a month of the release. Karina Noel will be pleasantly busy in 2016 with plans for live performances in New York City and the release of her second EP.

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Recent Press

Noel’s vocals during the show were remarkably similar to her polished studio vocals, demonstrating her talent as an artist and performer both in the studio and in front of a crowd. [She] was extremely comfortable on stage, and her positivity was infectious.
— Washington Square News
‘Blue Collar Love,’ highlights the wide range of Noel’s delicate and heartfelt voice and maintains a crisp, clear sound while conveying a youthful passion every listener can relate to.
— Washington Square News
There’s an intense passion, a whimsical sense of hope, instilled in this album, that I truly know will touch anyone that listens in the most unique and personal way.
...almost positive it won’t take long to see her name on everyone’s recently played lists.
— Snit Happens
‘Blue Collar Love’ manages to deliver such a profound impact... These messages touch upon heartfelt themes of love and the everlasting fear of being alone that create this web of empathy, seemingly able to entangle all of us.”
— Clint Choi, Quintessaire Media
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